February 22, 2009

How Much Do You Care About Spelling?

Fresh from the trenches of online dating, a dear (and smart and hot and funny and totally wonderful, by the way) girlfriend of mine reports disappointment not so much in many of the men themselves, for their failure to spell basic words correctly, but rather in the technology.

If Match.com won't add spellchecking tools to the text entry fields on their site (considering how important first impressions are in the world of dating, and all), then they should add one final question to the "About Me" questionnaire:

How much do you care about spelling?
A. Alot.
B. A lot.
C. Not much.
D. Speeling?

For my friend, she could automatically exclude potential matches who answered C or D, and she could consider respondents who selected A on a case-by-case basis.

If you answered B, then you might be a suitable match for my friend. You further qualify if you have no felony record, do not still live with your ex-wife/ex-girlfriend/mother/some other married couple, have not recently impregnated anyone, are not in a band, and do not consider marijuana a food group. If this sounds like you, leave your email address in the comments and I shall forward it to my friend for consideration.

P.S. When I say "my friend," I do really mean a person other than myself. She exists. And is awesome! And is a fabulous speller. Among other things.

Image: Technobuzz.net

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