February 10, 2009


High-profile athlete used steroids. Anyone surprised?

Used steroids and lied about it. Anyone surprised?

Lied about it but later came clean when outed by the press. Anyone surprised?

My real question is, In the grand scheme of things, who cares? Why is this making world headlines?

Photo Credit: AskMen.com

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Cindy said...

NO, I'm totally not surprised either, and I also wonder why this makes world headlines. But I guess that's exactly what's so sad about the state of sports today - the fact that we have become so blase about athletes using these drugs that we no longer even care. Used to be a time when it WAS an outrage that people would get upset about... Sad...

By the way, I saw on one news show that they were calling this dude "A-Roid" instead of "A-Rod." I couldn't help but think that it was a pretty good nickname!!