February 27, 2009

Imprecision Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

So the other day I was complaining about Microsoft's namby-pamby approach to specificity in its Online Help. Apparently Twitter has jumped on the vagueness bandwagon as well, as I just discovered when trying to do, uh...something on their site:

Something is technically wrong.

Where do I begin? With the "something"? Nah, too easy. Let's talk about that "technically", shall we?

Saying something is "technically" wrong on a Web site -- calling attention to the "technical" part -- is stupid. I apologize to all the stupid people out there who don't like being degraded by being mentioned in the same post as this Twitter error page.

But seriously, how else could something go wrong on a Web site, that would pop an error page? Aesthetically?

We're sorry, the page you asked to see is too ugly to be seen by human eyes. Check back when the user has improved his background image.

As much as I hate the wording of their message, I hate the graphics less, although they too suffer from not having a clear storyline.

Have you come across any ambiguous error messages lately? Share yours in the comments.

(Image Credit: Twitter)

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