September 10, 2009

Pet Shop Boys VIP Meet and Greet Organizer - Feel My Rage!

A few months ago, I bought tickets and VIP passes to a Pet Shop Boys concert that is part of their Fall 2009 North American tour. The organizer of the VIP Meet and Greet sent a letter stating that we would receive details about the time and place of the Meet and Greet about 1 week before the show. No problem.

However, the letter also stated that no photography would be allowed at the Meet and Greet.

Wha...? This was news to me. I double-checked the terms and conditions on the website where I bought the tickets/VIP passes, and nowhere did it mention photography being prohibited.

I was a bit ticked off. Second to the wonderful memory of meeting your favorite band, photographic evidence is an important component of the bragging rights one can rightfully claim after having met such luminaries. I was imagining snapping a photo with Neil on one side, Chris on the other, and me in the middle holding up that day's newspaper as proof of life.

But nooooo.

Thank you, unstated terms and conditions!

I had a few months to get over that annoyance when, the week before the concert, I received an email from the organizer of the Meet and Greet disclosing, as promised, the details of where and when. To my surprise, VIP pass holders were instructed to queue up at 4:30PM, and nobody would be let in after 5:15PM. For an 8PM show. Christ! Some of us have jobs!

Of course, it was my fault for assuming that the Meet and Greet would be after the show.

I mean, I figured before the show, they'd be eating dinner, doing sound check, and making sure their hats and wigs were arranged properly for quick changes between sets.

I suppose that by holding the Meet and Greet before the show, they have a built-in end time. "Sorry, fans, you're great, but we've got to get on stage now." None of that awkward, "Come party with us at the pub down the street before you get back on your tour bus, Pet Shop Boys!"

Again, I checked the website and all of the communications from the organizer, and nowhere did it state that the Meet and Greet would be before the show. Don't get me wrong -- I'm still totally psyched to meet Pet Shop Boys, but the side of me that pays attention to detail and likes to, you know, have important information available in order to make a rational purchasing decision... that side of me is a little irritated.

Carry on.


Kevin C said...
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Kevin C said...

I know this post was written over 3 years ago, but they just announced another US tour, and meet and greet at a $150 premium. Given the relative disappointment of the last meet and greet - stood in the Florida sun and humidity for 1.5 hours, and as you note, it's before the show without a photo opportunity - I say this as a huge fan of 28 years - I'm not sure it's really worth it this time.