June 18, 2009

Why Does My New Tempur-Pedic Pillow Smell So Bad?

About a month ago, I sprang for a new Tempur-Pedic Swedish Neck Pillow, because my old one was losing its supportiveness. I took the new one out of the box to let it air out, because it smelled pretty hideous. (I remember having to do this with my last one, too, but I don't remember it taking this long.)

Well, it's been a month, and the pillow is still unusable because it smells so bad! I'm sorry, but when I spend $100 on a pillow, I'd like to be able to use it now, not have to wait more than a month.

Perhaps there's a business model hiding somewhere in there for some enterprising individual: Selling Tempur-Pedic pillows and mattresses that have been aired out (in a sterile environment, of course) for however the hell long it takes so that they don't smell disgusting. I would gladly pay $110 for a pillow I could use today, rather than $100 for a pillow I might not be able to use until Fall. That's all I'm saying.

Image: Tempur-Pedic


tatu said...

The smell is completely normal and it airs out if you'll press the pillow/ wash the velourtopper / use it for more than a week. Plus it doesnt smell bad at all.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't smell bad? It's a noxious fume that has woken me several times. My other pillows now stink because they were touching. What kind of product needs to be "aired out" before you use it? Seriously?