March 2, 2009

Ladies' Asses May Soon Be World's Largest Killer

I don't know what is going on with Google News, but I keep seeing headlines with mismatched graphics in my news list.

For instance, yesterday's story about a norovirus outbreak on a Holland American cruise ship showed up in my headline list with a story from one source and a rather unfortunate (albeit topically appropriate) image from a different source (

Today, I see this in my headline list:

Whaaa? Ladies' asses may soon be world's largest killer?

The ass graphic belongs to a story on eOntarioNow about a "massive grant" awarded to the University of Rochester to research colon cancer. The headline itself points to an article on Voice of America about a new World Health Organization (WHO) report that estimates cancer will be the leading killer by 2010. The WHO report makes no reference to the colon cancer grant to the University of Rochester, nor to ladies' asses.

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