January 18, 2009

Thin Brownies Are For Losers

This just in from Betty Crocker: All of her brownies are thick, even the ones you bake in a giant pan. It's just a matter of how thick.

Apparently thin brownies are for losers.

I wish I could say I believed that this product labeling tactic was to avoid class action lawsuits ("But it said 'Thin Brownies' -- I thought that meant reduced calories!"). More likely, some focus group got paid a lot of money to tell the Betty Crocker people that the prospect of a "thin brownie" sounded disgusting and unpatriotic, like day-old salad bar fixins, and that it would make the brownies taste better if they were all labeled "thick."

However, just because you label it a certain way doesn't magically make it so, as I'm sure the poor saps buying Rich & Skinny brand jeans are discovering right about now.

What's your favorite example of a silly, euphemistic, confusing, misguided, or downright misleading product labeling tactic? Leave your story in the comments.

1 comment:

Jean said...

I just love the idea that no brownies can be un-thick. Awesome! They're all "thick," it's just a question of degree!